Trystar Generator Docking Stations


Trystar Generator Docking Stations are designed to safely connect and disconnect a portable generator to a building, lift station, or portable piece of equipment. During a power outage, a generator docking station allows you to quickly return power without an electrician, which helps protect your building from the risks and costs of power loss.

Generator Docking Stations can also be used to support temporary and emergency power needs for pandemic response, mass casualty disasters and other urgent needs, including medical testing/screening centers and temporary hospitals.

Usually, during a power failure or emergency, electricians are in high-demand, resulting in shortages and additional fees. Trystar generator docking stations makes it easy for you to restore power to your building with minimal delay.


1600A 480Y/277V Hammer Gray Generator Docking Station

GDS 3200A Large with Generator Hooked up Hospital Emergency Power