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GCI Partners Gattas Building
Project: 50kW Roof Mounted, 5000 Summer Ave, Memphis TN
Contact: Tom Gattas
Managing Partner, GCI Partners

Working with Inman Solar was a dream every step of the way. We are delighted to be in the renewable energy fraternity and are excited to help our country lower our dependency of fossil fuels. We already own the building, so putting our roof to use to produce energy only made sense. We think this is a win-win for us and the community alike. This project created jobs and will reduce carbon emissions for 30 years, maybe more. Solar is a great way to make Memphis cleaner and a more sustainable place to live and work while saving energy. Tom Gattas, GCI Partners and Knowledge Tree, LLC. Memphis, TN

Tabor Orthopedics
Project: 50kW Roof Mounted, 1244 Primacy Parkway, Memphis TN
Contact: Dr. Owen Tabor
Managing Partner, Primacy Partners

Jeff O’Connor and Steve Chiariello with Inman Solar were great to work with — they explained everything on the front end, worked around our schedules during construction and produced a very attractive array. We have gotten a lot of compliments from people who have seen it from the Saint Francis medical office building across the street.  Dr. Owen Tabor, Primacy Partners LLC and Tabor Orthopedics

Memphis Pediatrics
Project: 50kW Roof Mounted, 1255 S. Germantown Rd, Germantown, TN
Contact: Dr. Aimee Christian

This solar array is so cool and Inman Solar was extremely helpful during the entire process. I have recommended Inman Solar to others interested in helping the environment and making a sound financial investment.  Dr. Aimee Christian, Memphis Pediatrics

We felt like we were on the forefront. We’re not just pediatricians, but we’re also concerned about the environment. Thanks go out to Mac Christian and Inman Solar for the great work they did to make solar for us a reality. Dr. Patrice Reed, Memphis Pediatrics

St. Agnes Academy – St. Dominic School. Memphis, TN
We needed the construction portion of our project completed while our students were on spring break. Inman Solar did a great job coordinating the construction portion of the project around our unique requirements. I would unequivocally recommend Inman Solar to anyone looking to install solar in Memphis, TN.
Dean John Murphy

All Better Pediatrics. Memphis TN
“Adding solar to our east Memphis office building had some unique challenges. Jeff and Steve with Inman Solar work through these challenges, explained the process thoroughly on the front end and delivered a great array.”  Jim Folz, All Better Pediatrics.


Additional Projects Completed:

Cox Enterprises, Inc.
Projects: 3.5 MW Ground Mount, Taunton, MA
500kW Ground Mount, Portmouth, RI
200 kW Roof Mounted Nashville, TN
100 kW Car Canopy Atlanta, GA
Contact: Aaron Brown
Manager, Alternate Energy & Business Continuity Engineering

Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority
Projects: 1 MW Ground Mount Solar Farm, Chattanooga, TN (Phase I )
1.2 MW Ground Mount Solar Farm, Chattanooga, TN (Phase II )
Contact: John Naylor
Vice President of Planning and Development

Tennsco Corp
Projects:200kW Roof Mounted, Building V, Dickson, TN
50 kW Roof Mounted, Building I, Dickson, TN
50 kW Roof Mounted, Building II, Dickson, TN
50 kW Roof Mounted, Building IV, Dickson, TN
Contact:  Troy Beasley
Maintenance & Facilities Manager

Southern Champion Tray
Projects:200kW Roof Mounted, Chattanooga, TN
173kW Car Canopy, Chattanooga TN
Contact: John Zeiser
President and CEO

Custom Packaging, Inc
Projects: 200kW Roof Mounted, Arden, NC
100kW Roof Mounted, Lebanon, TN
50 kW Ground Mounted, Lebanon, TN
Contact: Ron Girten
Engineering Manager

A complete list of References is available upon request.