SCiB Lithium Titanate


Nationally the topic of Lithium Titanate Oxide energy storage has taken off. These very safe, fast charging, and long lasting batteries have been used in the robotic and transportation industry for years. Recently cost reductions have made utilizing this technology in UPS’ (as replacement to traditional lead acid or flywheels) and EMS (Energy Management System used in solar, wind turbine farms) applications very feasible.

In the Toshiba G9000 UPS application, for example, SCiB come with a full 12 year Full (not pro-rated) replacement warranty. The expectation is a life of over 15 years to match the UPS life. Typically this timeframe would require 4 or 5 expensive battery changes. Compared to VRLA, the SCiB has over 50 times the full discharge cycles (300 compared to 15,000+).  Each Battery Module houses a BMS (Battery Management System) that monitors the battery voltage, and conditions at the battery level.  In addition, SCiB batteries can be sized for less than 5 minutes autonomy at UPS Full Load Rating.   Toshiba SCiB is Certified to UL94, UL1973 & UL1642

SCiB ImageSCib2


Additional Advantages of SCiB:

Safe – No carbon  = low temp rise/no internal short circuiting. No lithium metal deposition. No Thermal Runaway!

Fast Charging Full Discharge – 6 minutes to 80% of full capacity.

Long Lasting  – Over 15,000 FULL discharge cycles.

Wide Temp Operating Range  – -30 to 55 deg C (-20 to 130 f)

Reliable – multi string design

Lighter – 1/3 weight as VRLA. Same footprint.

 Toshiba SCiB is Certified to UL94, UL1973 & UL1642

Here is a brief video on SCiB