SCiB Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

The Toshiba SCiB Energy Storage System (ESS) utilizes Lithium Titanium Oxide Battery chemistry to provide safe and reliable backup for UPS applications. The SCiB Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) topology alongside state of the art monitoring devices greatly reduce the potential for thermal runaway suffered by other lithium chemistries. Additionally, the Toshiba SCiB ESS requires minimal maintenance and has a service life of 20+ years, often lasting longer than the UPS itself. The enclosure is lighter and more compact than that of lead acid or other lithium chemistries, thereby freeing up space to maximize IT data revenue.

Toshiba’s 480VDC SCiB ESS pairs with the 480V G9000 Series (100-750kVA), providing safe and long-lasting rechargeable battery backup power in a compact enclosure. Ideal for cutting-edge applications requiring minimal UPS battery backup time in conjunction with fast start generators, the 480VDC SCiB ESS is perfectly designed for datacenters, colocation, and healthcare industries.

Toshiba’s 288VDC SCiB ESS pairs with the 208V 4400 Series (15-100kVA) to maximize the power density of small footprint UPS systems. Where space is a premium, the 288VDC solution excels with less than a foot of width while matching the Toshiba 4400 Series UPS, making it ideal for IT, Edge Compute, Healthcare, Commercial, and Light Industrial applications.