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Primacy Partners LLC has installed a 50 KW photovoltaic solar system on the roof of Tabor Orthopedics at 1244 Primacy Pkwy.
The system features high-power modules made by Georgia-based Suniva.

Inman Solar of Memphis was selected to engineer and integrate the solar solution for Tabor Orthopedics.

The project utilized all local engineers, contractors and labor to complete the system, which will generate enough electricity to reduce carbon emissions by 51 tons. This is equivalent to taking almost nine cars off the road every year.

Tabor was the first local business to apply and complete a solar installation under the new TVA Green Power Providers program, offered by MLGW and other TVA power distributors. Green Power Providers pays monthly generation incentives for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of renewable power a participant produces over a 20-year term.

The program is open to households, businesses and organizations.

In addition, Tabor will receive a federal tax credit equal to 30 percent of their renewable energy investment, and will be able to depreciate the investment on an accelerated schedule.

Dr. Owen Tabor of Tabor Orthopedics said, “My partners (Owen Tabor Sr., Greg Wolf, Rob Lonergan, Jay Saenz and Sam Schroerlucke) all thought it was a good idea.

“Our building has a flat roof and no shade, so it was the perfect place for solar. The new TVA Green Power Providers Program made installing solar on our building a wise investment for both the long and short term.

“Jeff O’Connor and Steve Chiariello with Inman Solar were great to work with — they explained everything on the front end, worked around our schedules during construction and produced a very attractive array. We have gotten a lot of compliments from people who have seen it from the Saint Francis medical office building across the street.”

TVA/MLGW’s Green Power Providers Program offers incentives to do solar projects in Memphis.

O’Connor, regional manager for Inman Solar, said, “It’s a great way for business owners and investors to earn a reliable return that will only increase as the cost of electricity rises; the benefits to the environment and community are an added bonus.”

To learn more about the installation, visit or To learn more about commercial solar in the Mid-South contact O’Connor at 901-409-0085 or