Toshiba UPS / SCiB Energy Storage

Critical power and avoidance of downtime is one of the most important factors to running a successful business in the 21st century. The below products are all proven leaders in reliability, total cost of ownership, and are fully supported with factory certified technicians. This information is for your reference but please know that we are available for, and recommend, an on-site walk-through for any critical power application. Additional brochures, engineering binders, white papers, guide specifications, cut sheets, planning guides, local/regional references and factory tours are available upon request.

Complete line of online/double conversion single and three phase UPS systems bringing industry leading energy efficiencies to any mission critical environment requiring continuous power. 3,000,000+ hours mean time before failure, 5thgeneration IGBTs, Energy Star Certified and lightest, highest power density per square foot.  Houston manufacturing and distribution. Only UPS manufacturer with Standard 3 year warranty!

Single-phase UPS models range from 1 to 22 kVA, while three-phase single module systems range from 15 to 2,000 kVA.. All Toshiba uninterruptible power systems have a wide range of optional accessory gear.. These End-to-End UPS systems are suitable for a wide range of applications including datacenters, telecommunication, retail, healthcare, broadcasting, commercial, emergency lighting, and industrial.

The tower design UPS solution with LCD touch-screen display provides unmatched access for UPS monitoring and control. Toshiba emergency backup UPS solutions offer power to protect vital electronic resources from today’s all-too often blackouts, brownouts and power surges.

The End-to-end uninterruptible power supply lineup also includes workstation UPS for power protection for small office computers and equipment with built-In automatic voltage regulator.

Toshiba UPS Products

Rechargeable Battery (SCiB™)

Toshiba’s rechargeable battery (SCiB™) products are a safe, high-performance, long-life, rechargeable battery solution for a wide array of applications ranging from electric vehicles to grid energy storage. SCiB batteries can be charged in as little as 10 minutes and have excellent thermal performance, reducing or eliminating the need for battery cooling. The LTO chemistry contained in SCiB is not susceptible to thermal runaway or lithium metal plating, providing exceptional battery safety characteristics.

SCiB products also offer minimal capacity degradation, even after 10,000 or more charge-discharge cycles. This operational life often exceeds that of the applications in which they are used, thus eliminating the need for battery replacement and reducing the environmental impact of waste batteries.


  • Made with Lithium Titanate, Providing Exceptionally Long Life
  • Provides Up to a 100% Usable Range of SOC without Compromising Cycle Life, Allowing for More Use of Rated Capacity
  • High Output Performance Equivalent to Ultra-Capacitors, Ensuring Sufficient Power Output for High Power Application Needs
  • Superb Performance Even at Temperatures as Low as -30°C, Providing Excellent Application Performance in Extreme Environmental Conditions
  • Produced on State-of-the-Art Automated High Volume Production Line, Ensuring the Highest Quality & Stable Supply

SCiB Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

The Toshiba Energy Storage System is a key building block in the development of any smart grid system that incorporates photovoltaic power and/or wind power. In keeping with Toshiba’s proven track record of innovative technology, superior quality, and unmatched reliability, the Energy Storage System combines Toshiba’s proprietary rechargeable super charged lithium titanium oxide battery (SCiB™) technology with the high-performance DC to AC inverter to offer a complete long life, high-power density, and world-leading efficiency Energy Storage System solution. Features include power stability control and peak load control.




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