Power Quality Monitoring

Whether you need a portable unit for short term measurement campaigns, a rugged outdoor pole-mount package for distribution monitoring, or a wall-mount package when your AC panel has insufficient space, Two Rivers Power has the solution for you.

Applications are endless:

  • A major oil tanker shipping company has committed to deploying new PQ3iaB packages in all its tanker fleet – easy and tidy installation suits shipboard space limitations. The goal is to help eliminate blackouts when running on generators.
  • A number of utilities are using our pole-mount package to monitor their distribution networks – the rugged package and quick-connect terminals are well suited for outdoor pole applications, and the cell modem-ready option allows them to make the best of the PQube 3’s trend and event email functions.
  • Semiconductor, industrial process, and utility companies (just to name a few) are all using the new portable package for short term monitoring applications. They not only help detect and help solve intermittent power quality problems, but also determine locations where permanent installation makes the most sense.

So for ease and speed of installation, painless commissioning, and immediate data retrieval, choose the PQ3iaB package that best suits your application.

PSL announces release of new PQube 3-in-a-Box packages.

 PQ3iaB-Portable  PQ3iaB-RuggedPole PQ3iaB-RuggedWall
PQ3iaB-Portable PQ3iaB-Rugged Pole PQ3iaB-Rugged-Wall

PSL takes the hard work out of packaging PQube 3s for your non-DIN rail applications.