Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring Flexibility

Packet Power’s wireless environmental monitors provide the flexibility to monitor temperature at more points in hot cabinets and fewer in others. With the ability to add relative humidity and differential pressure measurement capabilities where required, they offer the easiest and most affordable way to gain real­ time insight into environmental conditions in your facility.

The highly flexible temperature monitoring system lets you gather temperature data from one to six points per cabinet. Monitor at six points per cabinet to gain detailed insight into high ­density cabinets and scale back to one or two probes to lower monitoring costs in low ­heat areas. Mix and match different probe lengths to perfectly match your monitoring strategy or use pre­configured probe kits to maximize ease of installation.

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Do you have critical equipment that could be damaged by a water leak? Packet Power is pleased to add a leak detector probe to our environmental monitoring offerings delivering a simple, cost-effective way to minimize the risk of damage from an undetected leak.

When the leak detector senses the presence of water or other similarly conductive liquids, it communicates to Packet Power’s EMX monitoring application or any DCIM or BMS that supports SNMP or Modbus.

Leak Detector Probe.gif


  • Requires a Packet Power wireless environmental monitor that supports external probes
  • Mounting bracket can attach to any flat surface by adhesive strips or mounting screws
  • Sensing height can be adjusted to as low as 1/32 of an inch (1 mm)
  • 5-year battery life

The probe connects to the environmental monitor via a 2 meter wire that can be extended as far as 15 meters. Information is then transmitted over Packet Power’s wireless monitoring network. The leak detector can co-exist with temperature monitoring probes on the same environmental monitor.