Battery Monitoring

Two Rivers Power has represented BTech Battery Monitoring since 2012 for the Tennessee, north Mississippi and Arkansas markets. We have installed systems on most battery and UPS systems. Please feel free to contact us for a competitive quotation, technical assessment/walk through or a consulting specification review.

BTECH has deployed systems in over 5,000 installations over the last 22 years and is recognized as the world’s leader in battery monitoring with unique, patented technologies, robust software and unmatched services. Support vital applications, systems and networks during the many everyday power disturbances.

The complete solution provider for battery asset management. BTech is the world leader in UPS battery management and monitoring.

The CellQ2 is a Battery Monitoring System designed for use in Enterprise, Government and Industrial markets which rely on mission critical DC plants to ensure uninterrupted back up power to critical equipment.

BTech Cell2Q