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August 30, 2016 – ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has improved upon the existing SuperSwitch®3 offering with the launch of the next generation of digital static transfer switches, the Cyberex® SuperSwitch®4. Building on the 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing DSTS systems, the SuperSwitch®4 redefines power reliability with its robust design, improved serviceability, and state of the art user interface.


State of the art performance

  • Expands SuperSwitch® technology with enhanced platform and features
  • 10.4″ color TFT industrial use VGA LED touch screen GUI, backlight life up to 70k hrs
  • 25% faster transfer times
  • 40% lower inrush limiting
  • Enhanced power quality detection
  • 16 user configurable alarm relays
  • 10 user inputs for communications control
  • Enhanced meters and trending
  • Improved circuit redundancy
  • USB port for software upgrades; data and event downloads
  • Field calibration support
 Super Switch 4

SuperSwitch®4 is now available in the Concept web-based configurator tool for 200A – 1000A units at 208V & 480V.

Real Time Flux Control™ for DIR

The SuperSwitch®4 is designed with a ‘true’ fault-tolerant architecture, ensuring there is truly no single point of failure by utilizing our patented transfer algorithms and robust electrical components. It boasts improved power quality detection that is immune to harmonics and load imbalance between the phases. In applications with downstream transformers, the SuperSwitch®4 limits potential high transient inrush currents using state of the art digital signal processors and a newly developed, algorithm called Real Time Flux Control™ for dynamic inrush restraint (DIR). The results of this innovative approach is out of phase transfers up to 25% faster and inrush currents that are 40% lower than the SuperSwitch®3. This intelligent proprietary technology ensures performance that exceeds CBEMA and ITIC standards, regardless of phase drift between sources.

Reliability through design excellence


Ease of installation and serviceability were two key priorities in the development of the SuperSwitch®4. While maintaining a footprint approximately 30% smaller than comparable industry models, this next generation DSTS utilizes modular components, staggered phase connections, and flexible access from either the front, side, or rear of the unit. These features allow end users the ability to optimize available floor space with the SuperSwitch®4.

The Cyberex® SuperSwitch®4 is part of ABB’s broad range of products and integrated solutions that ensure data centers operate with optimum reliability and efficiency. From power distribution systems to enterprise management and grid connections, ABB provides savings in installation, energy, space and maintenance.

Visit the product web pages, SuperSwitch4, for more information and to download additional information.