Static Transfer Switches

Two Rivers Power represents a complete line of Static Transfer Switches for clients in Tennessee, north Mississippi and Arkansas. Contact us for a competitive quotation, technical assessment/walk through or a consulting specification review.

Cyberex® products set a world-class standard in power equipment with custom-designed digital static transfer switches and integrated power distribution systems.  In the last 40 plus years, Cyberex has installed more static transfer switch units than any other manufacturer.

  • SuperSwitch 4 provides maximum reliability through its innovative design. The modular components, from the power stage to the redundant bus architecture, have been engineered to unprecedented standards. With the fewest numbers, yet most reliable components, SuperSwitch3 ensures the highest level of functionality and minimum open-door time.
  • As much as 30% smaller than comparable industry models, the ultradense design maximizes floor space.  Ease of installation and flexibility are ensured by flexible access from either the front, side or rear. Power connections are made from either the top or bottom.

Engineered to protect large amounts of critical load in both commercial and industrial environments, these switches can transfer power between any two or three sources of power, including any combination of utility, UPS and generators. Cyberex’s patented SuperSwitch technology is employed for all sensing and power transfers.  Cyberex DSTS systems are the cornerstone of redundant power for a wide range of applications including data centers, hospitals, semiconductor manufacturing and other installations where continuous power is critical to a facility’s mission.

Cyberex Thomas and Betts Power Solutions

Cyberex®SuperSwitch® 200-4000A digital static transfer switch

Static Transfer Switch

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The Cyberex brand has been an industry leader in the design and development of mission critical systems that ensure uptime and business continuity for customers across the globe. We recognize that every customer has unique electrical requirements and we work closely with them to develop solutions that solve their most difficult challenges. If you have a unique project in mind, contact us so we can turn your design concepts into reality.