PV Solar


Why solar, why now

Energy prices are volatile. Greenhouse gas regulation is on the rise. On the other hand, the average price of a completed commercial photovoltaic project has dropped by more than 45 percent since 2012. Federal and state tax credits can cover a significant part of the cost of a total solar energy system—often up to two-thirds. Reduced electricity costs and revenue from selling excess energy can offset costs and provide a quick ROI. It’s never been a better time to consider solar as a solid business investment.

Why Inman Solar

Inman Solar is an experienced turnkey provider, handling everything from project management to engineering and financial analysis. We have built more than 500 commercial solar photovoltaic systems throughout the US, specializing in the Southeast. Our customers are business owners and investors, and we focus on helping them capture incentives that make solar a smart business investment. We don’t just design, build, and engineer systems – we own and operate several solar assets ourselves. And we’re certified by the National American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners , who sets the standard for solar installations.

Project Boards – http://www.inmansolar.com/category/projects/

Tennessee Valley Solar Calculator – https://edt.tva.gov/

Considering Solar? This tool can help you make an informed decision when considering whether or not to install a small-scale solar system. The solar calculator is intended to be used by residential and small business customers who want information on the true cost and payback of installing solar in the Valley.

TVA Green Power Providers – up to 50kW (200 panels/7,000 sq. ft.)

Green Power Providers (GPP) offers Tennessee Valley businesses and homeowners a chance to be a part of TVA’s work in generating clean, renewable energy for the people and communities of our region. You agree to install a small-scale solar energy system on your property generating 50 kilowatts or less—and TVA pays you for every kilowatt generated by that system.

2018 Program

Below are the program highlights for calendar year 2018:

  • 10 MW capacity offering will be split equally between residential/GSA-1 and non-GSA-1 commercial customers.
  • The enrollment period is 11 months (January 31, 2018 through December 17, 2018).
  • Qualifying Capacity Reservations Requests received and approved by the local power company during the 11 months will receive the 2018 generation credit payment rate.
  • Program enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Fast-track projects (those projects under 10 kW) will require energy consumption of 1,000 kWh/year or more.
  • Capacity Reservation Requests will expire after 90 days if no approvals have been gained.
  • Participants will be responsible for all costs associated with their systems, including but not limited to meter costs, communications cost, inspections and maintenance costs.
  • Generation credit will be paid at the following flat rates for the entirety of the 20-year contract:
    • Residential/GSA-1 customers with system sizes 500W – 10kW:  9¢/kWh
    • Residential/GSA-1 customers with system sizes > 10kW: 7.5¢/kWh
    • Non GSA-1 commercial customers: 7.5¢/kWh