Surge Protection

Two Rivers Power provides a complete line of PQ surge protection devices for clients in Tennessee, north Mississippi and Arkansas. Contact us for a competitive quotation, technical assessment/walk through or a consulting specification review.

PQM100 Model SPD

PQ Protection surge protection devices is THE solution for your critical equipment.  Specifically designed for critical protection applications and can be installed at service entrance/MDP’s, distribution panels or directly at critical loads.  It offers the best available performance – lowest VPR (clamping voltages).

  • The distinctive slim enclosure design of the PQM100 Model allows for installation between electrical panels where space is often limited – this further allows for a proper installation where connected lead lengths can be kept to a minimum.
  • The PQM100 Model is listed as a UL 1449 3rd Edition Type 1 & Type 2 Device. A Type 1 device is located on the line (utility) side of the first overcurrent protective device. A Type 2 device is located on the load side of the first overcurrent protective device.
  • A Ten Year product warranty is offered which includes replacement should the product fail due to transient voltages or workmanship defects in manufacturing.

Inherent to the exclusive compact replaceable multimodule design of the PQM100 Model is a product design feature which incorporates a standard integral fused disconnecting means making Type 1 application safe and a Type 2 application where a breaker is not available, a simple installation.

The PQM100 Model has per phase and per mode (e.g., L-N, L-G & N-G) status indicators showing whether there is protection loss and specifically where it is. An audible alarm will sound in the event of any loss of protection and remote alarm contacts are standard for remote monitoring capabilities.

PQ Protection

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PQ Protection