PQI Surge Protection


Two Rivers Power provides a complete line of PQI surge protection devices for clients in Tennessee, north Mississippi and Arkansas. Contact us for a competitive quotation, technical assessment/walk through or a consulting specification review.

Let’s start with Warranty: 20 year warranty. Free Replacement with any cause (optional you could say: this is unique because other SPD manufacturer’s warranty only covers replacement due to product defects in workmanship and materials.

Installation/ Modular Units:  The PQI modular SPDs includes an integral disconnect/servicing means inherent to the standard design of the product. There are major benefits from this feature: There is no additional cost for adding an internal disconnect

  1. The PQI modular SPD is a physically compact, highly engineered design and as it is with competitors there is no additional physical space required for a larger enclosure when you have an internal disconnect
  2. The VPR performance rating of the PQI modular SPD does not increase with the integral disconnect as it does with competitors SPD’s.
  3. Considering the compact design and the low VPR with the disconnect means, your installation lead length can be kept shorter resulting in an overall superior VPR performance after installation.

Visual/Modular Units: Option- Modular per phase and per mode! Each individual mode of protection is modular and has a status indicator. In the event of a module(s) failure, your remaining modules will stay functional, still providing protection to the critical load. This can be a tremendous benefit in the reassurance of the facility owner who does not want to be without protection for any period of time. Additionally, you can safely disconnect the module tray and replace a failed module without the need for an electrical contractor. All without additional cost because of our 20 year replacement warranty.

MOV’s The SPDs contain highly engineered thermally protected Metal Oxide Varistors.  Unlike most competitors, our SPDs are designed with one (1) big block MOV per mode. Providing high energy handling capabilities and eliminating the costly need of batch matching the operating characteristics of paralleled smaller MOVs.

Overcurrent Protection All PQI SPDs include overcurrent protection of 200kAIC, to comply the NEC requirements.

Ultra 2X Technology The PQI SPDs are designed to exceed the safety requirements of abnormal overvoltage testing. This technology will allow the unit to survive an overvoltage up to 2 times its nominal operating voltage and still remain operational. Many competitors will disconnect all protection during this abnormal overvoltage event.

Light Weight & Compact Whether it’s PQIs Modular or Non-modular SPD, our compact our slim line design is perfect for most electrical room installations where space is limited. Our compact design is appreciated by installer contractors and results in shorter lead lengths equally better performance.